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About The Game:

Nintendo gave all the info on his first free to play for mobile game! Fire Emblem Heroes will allow you to play your favorite hero of the series, from your pocket.

[Update 2 February 2017] Fire Emblem Heroes is now available in Europe on Android! It weighs less than 50 MB and can invite themselves in most compatible mobile, without too much concern.

It is this evening that stood the Nintendo Direct dedicated to Fire Emblem on mobile! The game was announced for a while, but we knew not great thing so far. However, the veil is fallen and here’s what he takes hold of this new game: Fire Emblem Heroes!

First of all, while Super Mario Run is always exclusive to Apple’s iOS, Fire Emblem Heroes will arrive first on Android. Happen even very fast, since it should be available for free as of 2 February 2017. Like Super Mario Run, an internet connection will be required to play the title.

The game comes in the form of a classic, sleek as possible Fire Emblem: a turn-based strategy game based on Heroes, in arenas of 6 x 8 squares. Players will have a team of 4 characters among the different protagonists of the entire Fire Emblem saga. There is therefore also well Marth, Roy and Ike, as well as the characters of the most recent Fire Emblem Fates.

The game will be released in 4 different modes:

  • a story mode where you will gradually unlock new heroes.
  • a training mode where the maps and the enemies are randomly generated to increase levels your characters.
  • a duel mode in arena for PVP confrontations where the winner will gain a lot of experience and rare items.
  • a heroic mode, offering periodically and in a limited way in time a new difficult mission.

Your characters can gain experience, gain skills and change of class in all of the game modes. More your characters will have a high level, most opponents you will encounter will be tough.

It is also around your characters that will turn the economic model since Fire Emblem Heroes will be the first game to Nintendo microtransaction. Indeed, if it is possible to unlock new characters without paying regularly playing the game, the fastest and effective way to get will pay real money. Rather than selling boosters packs, Nintendo fully accepts its Japanese origins by offering a system of gacha. The gacha is to pay an amount low enough to get a random character among all the available characters. You certainly know the gashapon, out of zippers that sell candy or Dragon Ball figures out of stores, well it’s the same principle.

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