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On February 2, Nintendo released its new game for smartphone on the Store: Fire Emblem Heroes. A production adapted to mobility, as well in terms of handling of economic model. Here’s what we thought.

If you are a player and you like role-playing or strategy games, we recommend you to try this weekend Fire Emblem Heroes out there a week on Android and a few days later on iOS. Developed by DeNA in collaboration with Intelligent Systems, the studio in charge of the games in the Fire Emblem series, this new title flame within your soul Warrior and strategist. In addition, it will offer to explore the cosmology of the series, born almost 30 years ago on the ancient NES. The title of Marth, hero of the original game, Ryoma and Chrom, from the last two games on 3DS, offers to take control of all these characters, even if certain conditions are meet. And for fans, the pleasure is that tenfold.Also Know SomeĀ Fire Emblem Heroes Cheats Free Here.

Fire Emblem Heroes game

A tactical game…

So let’s start over: Fire Emblem Heroes is a strategic RPG in the image of Final Fantasy Tactics. You play the role of a tactician without face (we never see the avatar of the player) which is one of the powers to invoke heroes from other worlds. Understand characters from other games in the series (and there are many…). Each hero meets a few specifics: type of weapon, elemental affinity, mount (or not) and potential for growth (since he is gaining experience levels, RPG requires). Each character is rated by a number of stars from 1 to 5. Acquire a 5 star hero is obviously quite rare. This game mechanic is quite usual in the RPG for mobile.

The story is almost anecdotal. You have been invoked by a warrior by the name of Anna. It is part of the Kingdom of Askr. She obeys the orders of the prince Alphonse and fight the Empire Embla. At the time, the two camps were friends and managed set of gateways to other worlds of the universe of Fire Emblem. But the Princess of Embla decided to invade those distant kingdoms and to compel their heroes to wage war against Askr. Your mission is to build an army and release each world from the yoke of the Princess of Embla. We saw better in terms of writing.

… and touch!

Side gameplay, it looks like the Fire Emblem, but it is more “tactile.” Understand that there are no buttons to press or touch to handle cross. You slide a character to a place where to position itself or an enemy to face. The regulars of the series will be certainly destabilized by the impossibility to cancel an action. However, they find themselves with pleasure the usual tactics of game: the triangle of arms is back, although curiously changed out the archers, healers and thieves in a catch-all section. An active team of Heroes consists of four characters. And you need to make difficult choices: focus on a healer or an archer, taking a character of each color or opt for a thief, etc. On the other hand, the management of the heroes is reduced to its simplest device: no guns, no of objects. But the profusion of characters makes up for. Profusion also in content with a rich story, a training Tower, an arena for duels between players, special cards to recruit characters. Note that the game is punctuated by a gauge of endurance which is used to initiate every battle. She fills up as the time.

increase potential fire emblem heroes

You wanted the freemium?

The title is really nice, with beautiful graphics and a soundscape that is faithful to the series. The central characters of this episode were created by Yusuke Kozaki designer who has worked on two episodes of the 3DS. What brings a nice unit at all. As previously mentioned, the game is freemium. It costs nothing to play, but some options are available to acquire powerful characters and develop them faster. A radically different set of Super Mario Run. These purchases cost 2 euros to 75 euros, Android or iOS.

The title is 80 MB for the initial download, but another download is mandatory on the first launch. It is advisable for players aged 12 and more. It is compatible with Android 4.2 and iOS 8.0 minimum. It is fully translated into french and the characters are doubled (in English in the Western version, too bad that the Japanese model is not available). And we obviously advise you to forge your own opinion by trying. In writing, we were pleasantly surprised, despite some small flaws. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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