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Super Mario Run Hack is the first big mobile game from Nintendo. The release date for Super Mario Run on iOS devices was december 15, 2016. Do you have an Android smartphone, then you have to wait until 2017. The game is a kind of endless runner, but with everyone’s favorite mustachioed plumber in the title role and some new ideas of Nintendo. This page contains all of our Super Mario Run tips, for both newbies and Veterans for each mode in the game. Here you will learn how the different characters, how to unlockt Toads collects and how you earn tickets for the Toad Rally. But we start first with some tips that everyone can use.

Super Mario Run Beginner Tips:

Before we continue with the rest of our Super Mario Run tips it is convenient to have these dots to read if you Run net start with Super Mario.

  • Mario remains constant. That means you, once you level start, no longer can stop moving. So make sure that you ready is if you’re a level begins and not be disturbed.
  • At certain points in the levels you can change Mario’s direction. Those points are indicated by signs with arrows on it.
  • You can slow down by Mario while jumping your finger to move backwards.
  • In Toad Rally challenge your friends to a trail as soon as possible after and you earn points that you can get new items and characters.
  • To special items to get the total population of expanding your Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Run is 40 million downloads

The iOS game Free Super Mario Run Coins is in the first four days of availability forty million downloads. That makes Nintendo known in a tweet on the social network Twitter. This makes it one of the fastest Mario game apps that in such a short time has put

so many downloads on his name — and that’s not even launched on Android. Although Nintendo has brought no further sales figures to the outside, the game already for days on end at the top of the list of games that earn the most in Apple’s App Store platform holder

That means that Super Mario Run unlock All Levels probably two to five million dollars a day, alone in the United States. Nintendo deserves that money by the game initially free. After playing the first four levels, players can choose to pay a once-only 9.99 euro for the rest of the game. And although there is no new levels will come, there is recently a new mode added. What will be added to the Mario game, Nintendo has unfortunately not brought out.

Super Mario Run

In Super Mario Run creep you in the skin of the classical plumber Mario which once again Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser tries to release. Mario moves continuous on on the screen by running to the right, where you control him with one finger. The gameplay looks promising and the following movie will make you want to play Super Mario Run hack online generator hot.

You can already register for the iOs version, where it is expected that this game beginning 2017 will come true. And for the Android fanatics, yes you can also a Super Mario Run on your device. The game will be offered free, where you can unlock extra levels against one-time in-app purchases.

On these devices you can play Super Mario Run

Finally: Mario on your smartphone. Recently, the app available for Super Mario Run IOS. Fortunately, the app also available on devices other than your smartphone. But which devices? That you can read here. Very nice that game, but on what devices it is actually available? At the moment it is only available on iOS devices, but this is going to change. You can play the game on your iPhone 4S and newer, the 5th generation and newer iPod Touch and the iPad 2 and newer. The devices must have iOS 8 and higher. It is still unclear on what Android phones the game is available in the future.


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